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Wireless Headsets for Your Office.

FREE for 30 days.

Free 30 days


Cancel anytime before your first bill and you won't be charged.

Choose From Popular Headsets.

Use brands like Plantronics, Discover, Sennheiser and more. Options starting as low as $8/mo.

Enjoy an Unlimited Warranty.

Your headsets are always protected and even cover batteries, ear cushions, and accessories.

Low Upfront Cost.

Get the productivity benefits of a wireless headset for one low monthly payment without the a large upfront cost of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Headset Advisor subscription?

Headset Advisor subscription is a headset service that allows you to get any of the leading brands of office wireless headsets for one low monthly price.

You can use the headset as much as it includes an unlimited warranty that even covers batteries, ear cushions, and accessories!

How much do headsets cost?

Benefit from the highly productive wireless headsets that can work on your desk phones, computers, and bluetooth devices, all for one low fixed monthly fee. Headsets start from just $8 a month and are based on how many units you choose. No extra costs or commitments of any kind.

How Much will I have to pay for shipping?

Shipping is always free! It doesn't matter if you want to change your headset plan or just want to cancel, we will cover the shipping both ways everytime.

How difficult is it to cancel?

No it is super easy. You can cancel at any time for any reason. We think you'll stay once you and your team experience the best headsets, but we will never make it hard to cancel.

Why shouldn't I just buy my headsets?

There's nothing worse than going to take a phone call only to realize the battery is dead or the headset is defective. Your forced to cradle the handset and kink your neck. This doesn't happen to our members as it includes an unlimited warranty which even includes batteries and cushions. Plus it allows for an easy monthly payment and saves all the upfront costs so you and your team can maximize productivity with the world's best headsets.


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