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David Merritt - President

As President of Headset Advisor, we have evaluated thousands of businesses headsets

What we have found is that..

Sorting through 1,000's of online options can be overwhelming, and lead to unhappy employees or customers.

By having one of our friendly headset experts evaluate your needs, we can quickly match you with the best headset for your specific situation.

This way, you can ensure your customers and employees have:



Sound Quality

Comfort is one of the biggest complaints from employees about headsets. Having a headset that is comfortable is vital to ensure employees are as happy and productive as possible.

Having a headset that is optimized to work with the leading platforms like Zoom, RingCentral, Microsoft Teams will ensure great audio quality and give access to advanced feature to be even more productive.

Noise is the leading cause of distractions for both customers and employees alike. A headset with a noise cancelling microphone can make a conversation smooth and clear.

Our headsets work with the leading phone service brands.