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Out of the box compatible 98% of corded desk phones like Avaya, Polycom, Cisco, Mitel, Yealink and more!


The world's               modular wireless headset for business. 

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Due to advancing technology it's a matter of time before your phone system will change. With a patented modular design, the Discover Adapt 30 can change when your headset needs change.

Instead of throwing out or recycling old headsets that don't work with the new phone system, simply add a cartridge to the Adapt 30 and it will change with your new system.

Don't Be Stuck With Mono or Duo. Have Them Both.

All other headset brands require you to switch between a mono or duo headset and to change you have to purchase a new headset. 

The Adapt 30 is the only headset that allows you to switch between both options.

Simply snap on the included modular headbands to turn the Adapt 30 from single speaker to a dual speaker headset in seconds.

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Discover adapt 30

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3 Year Warranty

Lifetime product support - We're here to ensure your headset is setup and working great at all times.

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Your Phone Technology Will Change. Shouldn't Your Headset Adapt?

Discover Adapt 30 Duo Headset

Product Overview

The Discover Adapt 30 wireless headset system is built for businesses who need a headset that's lightweight, easy to use, sounds great and adapts to your ever-changing needs. 

The Adapt 30 is the only headset available that allows you to convert between a single and dual speaker wearing style (both come included) and a modular design allows a USB or Bluetooth cartridge to be added in the future as your needs change.

Whether you moved to an open office and now need headsets that cover both ears or you decided to switch to a softphone, instead of purchasing new headsets as your systems change, the Adapt 30 is one headset that grows with your office. 

Flexible charging

With a conveniently placed micro USB port on the Adapt 30 headset, you have the flexibility to charge your headset with or without the charging base. 

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Simple & easy to use design

Magnetic charging dock ensures your headset is placed in the correct charging position at all times. Easy to adjust microphone control and connection ports make the Adapt 30 simple to set up, use and adjust as needed. 

Up to 350 ft wireless range

wireless range

6 hour battery talk time

Noise canceling microphone

Want to answer calls remotely?

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Add a Lifter or EHS cable to go with your Adapt 30 wireless headset and you'll have the wireless freedom to answer/end calls up to 350 feet away from your corded desk phone! 

Not sure if your phone is compatible? Contact us today before submitting your FREE 60 day trial and we'll verify compatibility for you.

Never miss a phone call again.

Discover adapt 30 wireless headset

Technical Specifications

Wireless Range

Battery Life

Wearing Style




Replaceable battery?

What comes in the box?

Up to 350 feet

6 hour

Over the head mono and duo

Noise canceling

Desk phone 

3 years


Single headband, duo headband, headset earpiece, charging base, AC power, phone cord

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Free Shipping and Returns

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Lifetime Product Support

We'll ensure your headset is setup and working great at all times.

Whether you're ordering, returning or getting a warranty replacement, shipping is always free. 

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